Kung Hei Fat Choi!! Happy Chinese New Year! Male Model Todd Sanfield.

Every time I get a message that there's a holiday somewhere in the world, I always feel like I live in the wrong country.  Or maybe, I just work for the wrong company.

It's Chinese New Year and you know that it's a holiday for most Asian countries.  They get extra days off to celebrate their New Year - - but we don't.  Our colleagues in Hong Kong have New Year's Day off as well because they are run and operated by an American corporation - so they get the best of both worlds.

The Male Beauty Photos

I've decided to open a new blog where I could post pictures that I take of guys that I deem fit to be considered a part of my "Male Beauty Photo Collection" . It is a new adventure and we all know how awkward it is to take photos of strangers, unless I get the guts to ask them for permission. ;)

I will most likely ask for their permission if I could so I could share their looks on this blog. It will be random but that makes it more exciting. I will also share my collection of photos through the years.

Let's start with the Navy Plebes - shall we? There is nothing more sexier and more beautiful than a male in the armed forces. And let me tell you this - last years plebes are a bunch of beautiful men. Take a look and see.

How was that for beautiful? Male Beauty indeed!

Hot is hot. Of course, it still remains in the eye of the beholder...

My type doesn't usually gravitate around beautiful faces. Nor does it simply gravitate on a great physique. Both qualities however, contribute to the wholesomeness and being of a person. I enjoy a beautiful face and I think it's hot to have a great body but nothing stimulates me more than the brain and the heart of a person. I know, I know. You may be thinking... "Are you effin kidding me?!" But I'm serious as a heart attack! ;) (Sheesh - that is so 80s).

When you meet someone, you generally get attracted by the looks and the body. Attraction at that level is very premature. It grows and it develops. You ever wonder why we see gorgeous guys with girls not worthy of a second look and vice versa? That is because they found something in that person that kept the attraction going. You can challenge this. Take a look around you and tell me if I'm not correct. True Male Beauty - - still remains in the eye of the beholder.